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"A big thank you to you for your relaxing Yoga and Pilates classes. They definitely lift my spirits as well as keeping me stretched. I have really appreciated your lovely approach"

Trica, 2020

"I can’t recommend Ali enough! I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed both yoga and pilates, normal and pregnancy based as 1:1s, 2:1s and group classes, both online and face to face. You could say I’m a super fan.

Ali is extremely knowledgeable about the human body but explains and moves you in a way you understand and can easily grasp. I always seem to feel challenged but relaxed by the end of each session.

As a fellow body worker this is essential to me, I want to be able to be pushed, but safely, and at my own pace whether in a group setting or 1:1.

I feel everyone could benefit from sessions with Ali which is why she’s always my number one referral teacher for my own clients but also the go to practitioner for my own body." 

Sarah, 2020

"We have really appreciated everything you do, we love our Wednesday Yoga class, thank you so much Ali."

Claire, 2020

"I look forward to all of your classes Ali, they really keep me going. Thank you."

Carolyn, 2020

"I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, supportive and vibrant teacher in Ali! Thank you!"

Lisa, 2020

"You've been amazing during this crazy time! You have kept me sane! Your pregnancy yoga and pilates classes are the best, thank you!"

Jaye, 2020

"I love my Pilates classes with Ali, Thank you for adapting your class and continuing motivating us in lockdown!"

Lynne, 2020

"I'm really grateful for your online studio. It's are a life saver."

 Deborah, 2020

"I've just done your 'All the feels' routine in the sunshine in our bedroom & it was lovely to have your calming voice in the room with me."

 Janis, 2020

"Just had a wonderful virtual pilates class with Ali. After not doing a class for 3 weeks due to isolation and lock down this was just what I needed, time to switch off from the crazy world and concentrate on me and my body. I feel so much better for it and the virtual class worked really well, the set up was great so we could see Ali clearly but she was constantly checking in on our technique. Brilliant! Thank you Ali." 

Beth, 2020

"After years of back issues this lovely young lady has got me mobile again. No more back pain.

She very reliable, professional and caring.

I had my first one to one using the Zoom app today. It was absolutely brilliant and much better than I imagined it to be.

Thank you Ali. You made my day."

Elaine, 2020

"We are all so very blessed to have Ali in our lives to provide that welcome ray of sunshine no matter what is happening outside!"

Gillian, 2020

"Love my weekly sessions - always feel welcomed and cared for. Have struggled in the past to find a class that suits me and this is it . Ali is a fab instructor who I would highly recommend" 

Claire 2020

"Ali is amazing, I can’t recommend Ali enough...whether it be 121 or group classes Ali is both supportive and encouraging. Always ready to push and challenge you in a hugely respectful way. If you can spend some time with this lady you will come away smiling and feeling good."

Cathleen, 2019

"I have been doing yoga with Ali for a couple of months now and I’m loving it. She is such a lovely and bubbly person - you feel at peace whilst doing the practise. I love how each week is slightly different! I’m looking forward to carrying on my practises with Ali!"

 Lucy, 2019

"I am about 6 weeks into 1:1 yoga sessions with Ali and LOVE it! I work in movement/exercise and yoga isn’t new to me but I love her flows and general vibe in each session. She creates the perfect mix of hard but manageable classes so I finish our sessions feeling invigorated and proud of what my body was able to achieve not exhausted & sad I wasn’t able to do something I once was able to! Perfect!

Her instruction is clear and kind with corrections when needed which I love as I know I’m progressing and not getting lost in amongst 20 other people.

I’ve never done a group class but I hear they are kept at a small number so 100% of her attention can be on you again ideal to improve whilst not feeling judged."

 Sarah, 2019

"Ali is a fantastic yoga teacher. I started off with absolutely no experience and through Ali's patience and encouragement I've found a new love with yoga." 

Erin, 2019 

"Both, Pilates and yoga class, are very well done, in a cosy and clean studio. the small number of attendances guarantees the safety to be followed step by step by Ali. I always looking forward to attend! thank you Ali!!" Alessandra, 2019

"After 6 months with Ali, I highly recommend her!"

 Claire, 2016 

"Love Ali Grace Wellness, would recommend to anyone!"

Emma, 2016

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