Empowering you to feel good on and off the mat

Ali Grace Wellness

Hi I'm Ali! I’m pleased you’re here!

Welcome to Ali Grace Wellness! I’m a Buckinghamshire based yoga and pilates teacher with a passion for holistic wellbeing.

I'm here to empower you to feel good on and off the mat by sharing the practice of yoga, inviting this ancient practice into our modern lifestyle and guiding you to find strength and stability through the practice of Pilates. I hope we can practice together soon!

"I can’t recommend Ali enough! I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed both yoga and pilates, normal and pregnancy based as 1:1s, 2:1s and group classes, both online and face to face. You could say I’m a super fan. Ali is extremely knowledgeable about the human body but explains and moves you in a way you understand and can easily grasp. I always seem to feel challenged but relaxed by the end of each session. As a fellow body worker this is essential to me, I want to be able to be pushed, but safely, and at my own pace whether in a group setting or 1:1. I feel everyone could benefit from sessions with Ali which is why she’s always my number one referral teacher for my own clients but also the go to practitioner for my own body." Sarah Pearson from Pear Projects 

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